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Who is CDSM or How to Boost Its Business?
Created in 2010, CDSM began its activity by marketing the ProSuite software suite through a network of distributors throughout France. The customer benefits lay in the unique possibility at the time of installing the "On Premise" server at home or at their distributor, with total control of their data and at a very affordable cost. The software suite quickly turned into a real EDM (Electronic Document Management) and installed with many clients as diverse as Galeries Lafayette, retirement homes and Docaposte. In 2018, its founder Daniel Coutellec, witnessed the evolution of the digital transformation that has been taking place for years. The year 2020 marks a real digital shift, particularly in customer relations, largely linked to COVID-19. Thus, the dematerialization of the commercial relationship, via the Visio conference in a context of teleworking, is a new paradigm which seems to be gradually taking hold in companies. This is how services adapted to this new paradigm are now accessible to distributors via a universal portal allowing them to easily manage their customers (register and GDPR audit for example). The EDM offer has been adapted to this context to become LIMEDMS, a TimeLime ERP offer is proposed so that SMEs / SMIs also have access to a real Company Information System and an MUP meeting management offer, is also available. It is in times of crisis that new opportunities arise and it is for this reason that Daniel Coutellec has decided to relaunch the activity of CDSM with the aim of providing answers to the upheavals we are currently experiencing.
Who is Daniel Coutellec?

A graduate of Orsay Faculty in 1979, Daniel is passionate about innovation and an entrepreneur at heart.

In 1985, he created the company VIF-INFO in Toulouse which developed the software for SFAO VIF-NET.

In 1992, he took charge of the Sud-Ouest branch of the Alsatian group Clemessy

In 2000, he created the company Média-Développement in Toulouse, which developed the Manhatime webconference software.

In 2005, he took over the management of the Toulouse agency of the Spanish group NTR Global.

In 2010, he created the CDSM company to distribute innovative products for businesses.

In 2015, he became COO of the Web-atrio company based in Paris and Toulouse, specialized in the development of Web applications and he co-founded the company AppInMail, specialist in interactive email and holder of the EAC (Email Active Content) technology.